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Relocation Services for Employees

Expert counseling: We provide single-point-of-care service to your employees, allowing us to better know them, their families, and their needs. From the first introduction until the move is complete, our team demonstrates employee relocation expertise and empathy in fielding questions. We provide an overview of the relocation process, conduct a needs assessment, introduce the electronic tools available, and explain how your relocation policy will apply in their specific situation. Our relocation consultants make themselves available to your employees 24/7 to assist with any situation that may arise.

Travel assistance: We integrate our service delivery with your travel partners, including the management of travel booking and creation of data feeds to ensure all travel-related costs are captured.

Temporary housing arrangement: We minimize the need for temporary housing, and minimize your costs, by coordinating the home sale, home purchase, and household goods moving processes like clockwork. When temporary housing is necessary, we gather a comprehensive needs profile from the employee, make the arrangements with a preferred provider, and pay covered expenses.

Household goods move management: Our move management process, as with our employee relocation service model, focuses on individual attention. We do not view household goods (HHG) moving as a commodity. Instead, we work to see that each move is conducted by the best agent available to meet the specific requirements of the employee. We track the status of every employee shipment and provide status updates on the eCenter dashboard. 

In negotiating our contracts, we have focused on terms that reward our HHG shipping partners for service excellence. We also standardize third-party service charges, which can be a source of excess expense without controls in place. Finally, we measure our HHG partners on every move and allocate the next quarter’s work volume to them based on their prior quarter’s performance.

Homefinding assistance: After developing a comprehensive housing needs profile and understanding the factors influencing an employee’s property selection, we coordinate the homefinding trip. Our homefinding agents take your employees to various neighborhoods, highlighting the different housing options available based on their preferences: urban, rural, or suburban areas; areas with the highest rated schools; areas that make sense for commuting; and a specified range of property values.

In addition, your employee will find valuable destination information on eCenter that provides details such as local property average values, crime rates, school quality, and population demographics.

Spouse assistance: We understand that sometimes you’re relocating not just an employee, but a family. With many two-income households today, spousal employment is often critical to a successful relocation. Spousal assistance is designed to help the accompanying spouse find a job in the new location by providing support for resumé preparation and resumé marketing, applying for jobs, and finding work, or other interests, at the new location. 

Online expense reports and payment processing: When it comes to expense management, our only goal is getting your employees paid quickly and accurately. Through eCenter, our online working environment, we offer complete expense management. Expense reports submitted through eCenter are audited to your policy, coded for taxability, and reimbursed. In addition to expense reimbursement, we will receive, audit, and pay vendor expenses on your behalf. We establish interfaces to your financial systems and feed expense data to you for accrual purposes. Our automated processes alert employees when a payment has been made, allowing them to concentrate on other matters.

Tax gross-up and reporting: Tax gross-up services are integrated into our expense management process. Expenses are coded, classified by expense category and taxability, and grossed-up according to your company policy. We feed your payroll system data needed for year-end tax reporting.

Employee dashboard: Employee relocation dashboards are accessed through eCenter and allow users to see 90% of the information they care about on the first page after logging in. Want to know when you’ll get reimbursed? When will the moving van pick up your household goods? What are the schools like in your new location? You’ll find the information here. And, the dashboards enable drill-down to get to the detail behind each summary graph, chart, or table.